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Winter Weather Waste Collection Tips
When the weather outside is frightful, Morgan Sanitation encourages customers to keep safety in mind! Inclement weather conditions such as snowstorms, freezing rain, and high winds can impact waste collection pickup. Follow these collection tips to ensure safe and efficient pickup.

Be sure to close dumpster and containerized waste lids prior to snow and rain storms. Wet items can freeze in your dumpsters in winter weather. This makes it difficult to empty your frozen dumpsters, allowing waste to accumulate.

If your trash containers are surrounded by a fence or corral, note that door pins can freeze. Placing salt around pins can help prevent this.

  • When sharing the road with a garbage truck, don't treat it like any other vehicle- take special precautions around collection vehicles-they're big, stop frequently, and may have blind spots.

  • A garbage truck weighs between 20 and 32 tons and takes about twice as long to come to a stop as compared to the average family vehicle so don't quickly change lanes in front of a truck as you might with another car.

  • Slow down around garbage trucks and use extra caution. An extra minute or two safely navigating around a truck could prevent an accident or injury.

  • Winter roads make turning and stopping more difficult so allow adequate cushion between your vehicle and a garbage truck so, if necessary, you and the truck driver have time to react.​

​                Parents, please share these safety reminders with your children:

    Large vehicles have blind spots-children should never assume a driver can see them. Stay a safe distance away from a garbage truck at all times.

    Don't play on or around garbage trucks. Trucks are interesting but they have a lot of moving parts that children need to keep a distance from.

    Listen for beeping-beeping means the truck is reversing and you need to be clear.

    Garbage trucks stop frequently. Children should never follow a truck on a bike or any other vehicle for any reason. 

    In the winter, never build snow huts or play in the snow near garbage trucks or near collection containers.

Morgan Sanitation is committed to the safety of our community and customers. This winter, let's all enjoy the great snow and outdoor fun and stay safe on the roads and along the collection routes.